Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh god, what have I done...

Well, I just started a twitter account... I feel like that one guy who was the last to give up his VHS's and switch to DVD....

Feel free to follow if you want!!/HurdyG123

Also, as with every post I've done, here's a random picture.

It's Batman fighting a shark with a lightsaber...

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice...


  1. Loving the pic! Pretty un usual and includes many items from many good films! Blogging is hard to start off with... Though keep it up and rewards will start to show! D22 Supporting!

  2. dont worry, i still have my tapes out. actually just watched Fifel goes westwith my kid a couple days ago. bought it last week in a thrift store for a quarter, and worth all of it.

  3. Ha! Haven't thought about Fifel in ages... Still one of my favorite uses of Dom Deluise...

  4. Or possibly "until next time, keep fit and have fun"

  5. I would have gave batman a blue lightsaber but still looks badass.